Below are the top ten reasons folks like working with me, and why you should too:

#10 – You will benefit from being taken care of the hardest working agents in San Diego.

#9 – I will share our coveted list of the best Fish Tacos Spots in San Diego...probably.

#8 – I always implement a creative and strategic marketing approach to tailor fit each client.

#7 – I know where Ron Burgundy hangs out and stays classy.

#6 – I know the meaning of the word communication. I keep folks informed every step of the way.

#5 – At least one of us is always available.

#4 – I always employ savvy market intelligence and we really know our hoods.

#3 – I will share our secret to catching the elusive San Diego "Green Flash" at sunset.

#2 – If you haven`t noticed yet, I am also quite fun.

#1 – I am thrilled to work tirelessly to make you HAPPY!

You can trust me to take care of business the right way for you and yours!

If you are looking for a NO COST home evaluation or FREE buyer services, drop your email below and I`ll jump right on it!

For immediate information call 858-461-9020, or email me directly at: team@socalhomeshop.com

I promise not to stalk you. 





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